Chiefs vs. Steelers recap: Kansas City moves to 2-0 with emotional road win

My schedule has been extremely busy the past week, but let me give you a 2 min run down of last weeks episode which was full of tea, shade and self-righteousness: Rochelle, whom she has been avoiding shows up at the house and in an aggressive tone and demands to be let in the home. After a brief convo with Tasha, who reminds me of Hoopz throughout this episode, Rochelle realizes that Tasha is in love with Jacob. Zora is still following Isaiah around and we see a text from Spelman college that she has been selected to interview. Isaiah is clearly still abusive and obviously playing her like a fool and she is still allowing it. No one knows how this happened or where it went, so Kerrisa pressures Jacob to call Tasha to inquire about the transaction.

Liverpool news and transfers RECAP – Keita on Klopp relationship, Dembele linked, Wolves eye Origi

However, the team was used to facing some resistance from local law enforcement because often not everyone was willing to believe they need help. Sometimes no one wants there to be a problem and so they dismiss the disappearances as people getting fed up with their jobs or wanting to start over though this time around they had been forced by a concerned community to take notice.

The media got a hold of the disappearances and everyone with a missing family member came by wanting details about the case. Though Captain Skinner had fobbed her off. He said Chrissy was a troubled teenager and that she most likely ran away, but a case about a missing sister had gotten to JJ. JJ knew what it was like to live with that loss and so she still wanted to speak to Joanna despite what the good old captain thought.

‘The Woman In White’ Episode 1 Recap: If Men Were Held Accountable the random man that Farlow paid off to spy on Jocelyn by pretend-dating Mercy, is back this week for some reason. Jamestown, because I still hope he gets eaten by a bear. The episode ends – as we all knew it must – on James’ revelation that Henry’s still alive.

Click to print Opens in new window Hello and welcome back to Supergirl recaps here on Autostraddle dot com! This episode reminded me more of Season One, when Supergirl was about hope and truth and the battle between optimism and reality. For once, Kara feels like she has a handle on the balance between her two roles in this world. Meanwhile, at the DEO, Alex has leveled up her gayness with a badass new haircut, and is training her agents by wrestling them to the ground.

Fuck me up, Alex Danvers. Brainy tells Director Danvers that the President is arriving, only moments before she arrives. Unfortunately, the man on the side of the second argument soon finds himself without arm tusks as part of a targeted attack by a Mommi and her brother, who were ready with all kinds of high-tech gear for when Supergirl arrived. When Kara gets to CatCo the next morning, a girl runs into the elevator and Karas all over the place while Kara looks on with a cool, amused smile.

And then they both realize who the other woman is, and we learn that the adorable, rambling girl is Nia Nal, the reporter Cat Grant told Kara about and recommended. I love love loved this scene. Later, Kara asks her what her first pitch will be, and Nia mentions wanting story about the fashion industry in National City. Kara is skeptical, wondering why this Cat Grant blessed reporter would want a fluff piece, but when she starts to elaborate, Nia is overcome with this confidence and passion and talks about what this upcoming fashion movement will do for the community, and pitches it as a story about hope.

Days of Our Lives (DOOL) Recap: Eric Learns Roman’s Dating Anna

Start your day with a bit of John Aldridge. You know you want to. Dembele arrived late for the recent clash with Sevilla, forcing top club brass to discuss his future. I worked to be well prepared.

Nov 08,  · Kevin is now dating and shackin’ up with Aaron. So Nathan is Grace’s nephew on her sister and brother’s side because Nathan is also Aaron’s stepson Charity is smitten by the new choir leader and he seems to be smitten as well but all that vanishes away after she reveals to him that she is divorced and that her ex husband is now gay.

The truth is like a box of chocolates. All 6 of our leads drink alcohol together near the beach. Jang Mi says in voiceover: That kiss will confirm the love of some people and cause pain to others. Mom continues to say that she even chose a wedding dress for Se Ah, but sadly, it was never worn. Gi Tae gets in his car and tries to get a hold of Jang Mi, who rejects his calls.

For some reason, Se Ah is still with him and is sitting in the passenger seat. Gi Tae tries to get rid of him but he has a good reason to tag along, he wants his car back.

“Botched” Recap Season 4, Episode 9

The doctor says they will be down for her shortly. Landlady Oh is scared, but Husband is brusque and insensitive. Jung Hwan is the one who comforts his mother and walks beside her as she is wheeled to surgery. Jung Hwan says his father was always aloof but he thought it was because he was busy as a reporter. Now he realizes it is just the way his father is. Jung Hwan asks if she can understand a bit how his mother obsesses over him, now that she has seen the family dynamics for herself.

Hope for Dating: Episode 2 (final) Recap This entry was posted in Drama Recaps and tagged BoA, Daniel Choi, drama special, featured, Hope for Dating, Im Si-wan, .

After the cluster fuck that was season two, they had the perfect opportunity to start over and rebuild The New Class. So were they successful? Well, yes and no. Taken as a whole, season three is much better than season two. There even seemed to be new life breathed into old, tired characters like Lindsay and Tommy D, at first anyway. And, for the first time in nearly a year and a half of watching this show, there was an episode I genuinely liked on its own merits.

Season three seemed to do something completely unanticipated at first: For all the promise the new season brought in the beginning, though, there was so much disappointment in the ultimate payoff. For one, this season suffered from one of the same problems of season two:

Marriage, Not Dating Episode 3 Recap

I am a relentless critic when I watch dramas, because otherwise why write about it? Narratively the final episode wrapped up with as much finesse and satisfaction as William Hung at his American Idol audition. But you know what? The way where Terry and Da Hua end up together. You are worth it for me to be crazily in love with this silly drama, because the combination of a fantastic character and a phenomenal performance is a rare thing indeed that I feel satisfied to have experienced first hand.

Hold on to your horses, because episode 21 was still all about Terry and there were tons of scenes to re-watch in days ahead as I finally put this baby to rest.

Season two of “13 Reason’s Why” premieres on Friday, and here at The Mighty, we’re reviewing all 13 new episodes. “13 Reasons Why” was one of the most talked about shows of Within The Mighty community, we received dozens of stories from contributors about the show and even wrote a .

I fall in love with the heroine almost immediately. She learns the hard truth that her boyfriend who she really loved and adored, never loved her as much as she did. It was a one-sided love. So far, this rom-com has hit the right points, excited to see how the story will unfold after she meets his family. She tells the judge what she told her ex boyfriend: But the person who she wants to propose to, is nowhere to be seen. Plastic surgeon Ki Tae finishes his surgery and receives a phone call.

She welcomes him with a flower, he sweetly carries her inside. But his excitement dies soon afterwards. He hurriedly blow the candles, pretending to be sick and rushes to hide in the bathroom. Ki Tae sends a message back that the girl in front of him is also desperate to marry him.

The Bachelorette, episode 8 recap: Colton’s dating history finally catches up with him

Kate Plus 8 ”Blind Date”: Hanger on Deanna is playing the role of the well-meaning but completely misguided friend who wants to set you up, which is just a front for the producers going through a couple hundred head shots and picking this guy out. His first meeting with Kate is awkward, explains Kate. Made more awkward still by Deanna being right there in the middle introducing them like it’s 6th grade. Deanna tells hot-stuff that Kate has eight kids. I kind of feel like that’s something you should mention to the guy before you set him up with her.

Jun 23,  · The Hope-Zion Hosptial Drama Last week’s episode left us on a bit of a cliffhanger as Dr. Charlie Harris (Michael Shanks) twitched while in his comatic state. Of course, we were left wondering if this was a sign that he was going to show some improvement.

He was supposed to be coming home tonight. What if he’s caught in the middle of it all? Besides, it’s kind of important to my sister,” Robert told Eleanor and Willow before making his way onto the dark city streets. But before Robert could save a stranded Jasper from a gang of rioters looking to seize the ambulance meant to take him home, someone else stumbled upon him Forget it, forget it.

Just leave me here,” Jasper pleaded with his dad.

King Flower Episode 21 Recap

So Jung Ha sees a vision of Ji Wook weeping over someone. He tells Ji Wook not to cry too much. He assures Ji Wook everything will be okay.

“The Bold and the Beautiful” recap for Monday, August 13, reveals that over at Forrester Creations, Steffy Forrester Spencer (Jacqueline Wood) continues to look on as Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton) and Hope Logan (Annika Noelle) chat about getting engaged. Hope tells Liam that she appreciates.

When he gets home, he takes the old photograph out of the desk drawer and tears it up. Furthermore, Husband has moved out of their bedroom and into the study which has thrown Landlady Oh into a depression. Jung Hwan tells her to cheer up. Hye Young is in a good mood as she gets ready for work. Of course, he loves it.

She calls and tells him that she will have his special coffee ready when he gets to work. Hye Young interrupts the conversation which is on speaker phone and lets her presence be known. Tae Boo finds Joong Hee passed out in his apartment and freaks out when he sees a pool of blood on the floor. Joong Hee is a mess and poor Tae Boo has to get him cleaned up and ready for a new profile shoot.


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