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Passive Scouting requires players to, more often than not, remain completely still in order to take advantage of specific equipment, all in the name of increasing the View Range in order to spot enemies. To succeed at Passive Scouting, you will first need to know how to scout in World of Tanks. The most important thing when selecting a Passive Scout Tank is that it needs to have a high View Range and incredible Camouflage ratings, as this helps you see far and remain undetected. Although these tanks may not be some of the best tanks to farm credits in World of Tanks , they offer their own kind of reward through successful spotting. While Tier 4 matches are almost as bad as the black hole that is Tier 3 , the M5A1 Stuart, with its ability to effectively scout, alleviates a lot of the stress. Unfortunately, not every passive scout can be perfect, and the M5A1 Stuart suffers from a slightly lower View Range than desired. However, with a compact design and decent camouflage values, it can remain hidden and even sneak up close to an enemy base and provide anti-SPG support. This take-off speed will allow you to quickly relocate.

Metal Stuart R/C Tank

Cavalry had the M1 and M2 Combat Cars. The light tanks had twin turrets, one mounting a. The Combat Cars had a single turret mounting both machine guns. The last in the series was the M2A4 which mounted a 37mm gun in the turret with 5 machine guns 1 mounted coaxially and the remaining 4 mounted in the hull. The M3 included many of the features of the M2A4, but had increased armour protection from 10mm to 51mm.

Other changes included removing the vision slits from the sides of the turret and a strengthened rear engine deck.

Apr 04,  · I believe that SerB has stated that the M5 Stuart and the M24 Chaffee are due to be up-tiered in the same manner as the VK (D) and the VK (K). Going by this, we are likely to see the M3A3 Stuart which has been in a leaked garage icon : For the Record.

As a result, American arms makers rushed to produce the tanks with which their country could win the war. Marmon-Herrington Light Tank Since the mid s, the Indianapolis-based Marmon-Herrington company had been producing a range of light tanks for export. The early CTL designs did not have turrets. The US Marine Corps occasionally bought one to try it out but was never impressed enough to buy them in bulk. In , the company created the turreted CTM model, designed to meet the requirements of the Marine Corps.

An improved version was made in for the Netherlands East Indies, but that region was overrun by the Japanese before most of the tanks could be delivered, so they went to the US Army instead. A three-man tank armed only with machine-guns, the CTM was too light to fight in the main battles of the war. It was used for training and in Alaskan defense forces. Developed in , the previous M2A1 was a medium tank with a 37mm gun, but the fighting in Poland and France showed that this weapon would be too weak for modern purposes.

The turret was too small to carry a 75mm gun, so a sponson was instead added at the side of the hull to carry the 75mm weapon.

1/72 Light tank M5 Stuart upgrades

It started life in when Leyland Motors suggested a tank design using an adapted Rolls-Royce Merlin aero-engine, of Spitfire, Hurricane and Lancaster fame. At that time there was a short of the Rolls-Royce engines called a Meteor for this application so two designs were progressed. One using the Liberty engine became the Centaur and the Meteor engine version became the Cromwell.

Jul 21,  · The M5 Stuart Needs To Have Match Making Values Adjusted Down – posted in Light Tanks: Now that the tier 5 M24 Chaffee light scouting tank has been introduced, the old tier 4 M5 Stuart should have its match making values reduced. Currently, the M5 Stuart is still being tossed into high tier matches as the primary scout. The new tier 5 light tanks were designed from the beginning to handle .

History of creation and combat usage Development The American light tank design prior to World War II, the M2 light tank , was seen as obsolete after observing Germany’s Panzer forces tear through Europe. The design was to be upgraded with more armour, a better suspension, and a new gun recoil system. The revised version was designated the Light Tank M3 , and given the name “General Stuart” by the British, which becomes part of the name.

At its basis, the light tank had a 37 mm cannon with a similar layout as the M2 light tank, with the radial engine at the rear and the transmission on the front, though the radial engine was in high demand so the Guiberson diesel T were fitted in some models to substitute the engine. The tank had a crew of four: The first variant of the M3 Stuart light tank was very similar to the M2 light tanks.

It had five machine gun armaments scattered around like the M2, but featured better armour and a better cannon with the 37 mm M6 cannon. The design did not have a turret basket for the crew and it was constructed out of rivets, which increased the chance of spalling in the tank. Nevertheless, the first variant M3 saw about 5, units produced. The second variant, the Light Tank M3A1 Stuart , featured a new turret with no cupola on it, plus an added gun stabilizer.

The machine guns on the hull sides were removed, so now the total machine guns was reduced from five to three. The design also featured a welded armour design to remove the weakness of riveted armour.

Light Tank M5 Stuart

Design And Development British combat experience in the North African campaign identified several shortcomings of the M3 Stuart light tank, especially the performance of its 37mm cannon. A 75mm gun was experimentally fitted to an M8 Howitzer Motor Carriage – an M3 tank with a larger turret – and trials indicated that a 75 mm gun on the M5 light tank development of the M3 was possible. The T7 light tank design, which was initially seen as a replacement, grew in weight to more than 25 short tons taking it out of the light tank classification, and so was designated as the Medium Tank M7.

The weight increase without increased power gave it unsatisfactory performance; the program was stopped in March to allow standardization on a single medium tank – the M4 medium. This prompted the Ordnance Committee to issue a specification for a new light tank, with the same powertrain as the M5A1 but armed with a 75 mm gun. The powerplant and transmission of the M5 was used together with some aspects of the T7.

M5A1 LIGHT TANK “STUART” INTRODUCTION During the ‘s the United States Army did not consider tanks to be a relevant weapon on the battlefield.

Stuart M3A1 Light Tank M3A1 History While the earlier M3 light tank had proved to be a reliable vehicle, it was difficult to fight in as it lacked power traverse and elevation for the main armament. As an experiment, an M3 was fitted with an Oil gear hydraulic traversing mechanism and Westinghouse gyro stabilizer. Firing tests showed great promise.

However, the rapidly traversing turret made it difficult for the turret crew to keep up. This was fixed by adding a turret basket with a floor and seats attached to the turret. Upon completion of successful tests at Aberdeen Proving Ground, the tank was standardized as the M3A1. Production began at ACF in May When production ended in February , 4, M3A1’s had been completed, including powered by a Guiberson T diesel engine. The Soviet Union also received several hundred of them.

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There has not been very much reason for this, other than generally being busy at home, and busy at work. This has had some benefits. The first has been lots of practice in scout tanking — to admittedly variable success. It does been I am slowly grinding out the Chaffee , as well as getting the crews of the T and both Stuarts further trained 38 games between just those three. I have also managed to get the Ace Tanker on the T Indeed, having got it once I soon got it again in another match.

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It is an opportunity for us to reflect on the language and ideas that represented each year. So, take a stroll down memory lane to remember all of our past Word of the Year selections. Change It wasn’t trendy , funny, nor was it coined on Twitter , but we thought change told a real story about how our users defined Unlike in , change was no longer a campaign slogan.

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Tergiversate This rare word was chosen to represent because it described so much of the world around us.

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I will stop being a D-Bag and I will actually contribute something here. No really, going to add to the discussion and I am not going to be mean or snarky or anything. Azyur, From what I can tell from your OP and from your other posts is that the reason you think Tier 4 light tanks should not be in high tier matches is because they can be one shotted, they can not reliably do damage to the high tier tanks, and one on one they can not take any of the upper tier tanks. Is my assessment of your opinion correct?

Assuming my understanding of you opinion is correct, let me present my counter-point, and my opinion as to why Tier 4 lights belong in the high tier battles.

We are starting a new batch of the Inside the Tanks series with a very special episode! We are going to take a slightly different look at not one, but two tanks: the M5 Stuart and the M24 Chaffee.

Light tank- about 8, built Origins: A light, fast tank, equipped with one of the most common guns for its category, a 37 mm 1. The initial production run of the M3 was of vehicles, most of them being used by the British and redesignated Stuart Mk. Then, the M3A1, or Stuart Mk. In came the M3A3, which was influenced by the M5 design. In all, 13, M3 were built and fought in almost all theaters of war.

In Europe, they faced much better German tanks, and their feeble armament and armor, their radial gasoline engine, were seen as handicaps. This was not the case in the Pacific, where they were still a match for the smaller Japanese tanks. Therefore, other sources were approached in order to have the tank production still running in early In June, OCM authorized the installation of two Cadillac engines mated on a single crankshaft and hydramatic transmission and auxiliary transmission M3 transfer case.

Cadillac had been, indeed, rarely involved with wartime production until then.

The M5 Stuart Needs To Have Match Making Values Adjusted Down

It comes with the tank, remote control, battery, battery charger, 2 missles 1 is in the turret barrel , axe, shovel, pick axe, sledge hammer, long crow bar, and machine gun. Please understand this is a large and heavy machine shipping will reflect that fact. This is a highly sought after RC. I have had this tank in storage and charged the battery. But no sound and it will not move.

A further modification of the M3 Stuart, the M5 entered production in April By June a total of 8, vehicles in two variants had been produced. The tank was used in all theaters of war.

Here is a Series 42 Cadillac V-8 cubic inch tank engine. At 4, rpm it could produce hp and at 1, rpm could produce ft-lbs. Two each were used in the M5 and M26 Series tanks. Each of the series was powered by two Cadillac V-8 engines. One can see the panels off on the right side where one of the Cadillac engines is located.

Author’s photo of the right side Cadillac engine in the LVT 3. The total hp provided by the twin V-8s gave the LVT 3 a top speed of 5. The LVT 3 first saw combat at Okinawa. Author’s photo of the left side Cadillac V-8 engine. One can see the Cadillac name on the engine head. In this photo M24 Chaffee light tanks are coming down the Cadillac assembly line. Cadillac began supplying parts for the Allison engine in

American Tanks & AFVs of World War II

A radial engine shortage was expected in , and it was decided to find alternative engines to power tanks. The engines in the M5 were Cadillac automobile engines, each with its own transmission. The hull was all-welded, and the glacis was sloped and moved out to make more room for the drivers. The drivers had their own hatches, which were equipped with periscopes.

Direct vision for the drivers was through two peepholes that were closed with steel plugs attached with chains. The M5’s turret was the same as that on the light tank M3A1.

This Cadillac V engine was a predecessor to the V-8 engine that would power the M5 Stuart Series and M26 Chaffee tanks in WWII. It displaced cubic inches and produced hp. Author’s photo from the Gilmore Car Museum.

Hit Points changed from 80 to Hit Points after module repair changed from 40 to 62 Waffentrager auf Pz. I Breda Hit Points of turret mechanism changed from 70 to 57 Hit Points of turret mechanism after module repair changed from 35 to 28 Hit Points of viewfinder changed from 50 to 52 Hit Points of viewfinder after module repair changed from 25 to 26 Turret — Pz. C View Range changed from to Hit Points of turret mechanism changed from 70 to 67 Hit Points of turret mechanism after module repair changed from 35 to 33 Hit Points of viewfinder changed from 50 to 52 Hit Points of viewfinder after module repair changed from 25 to 26 Suspension — VK 6.

G Hit Points changed from 60 to 64 Hit Points of turret mechanism changed from 80 to 67 Hit Points of turret mechanism after module repair changed from 40 to 33 Hit Points of viewfinder changed from 60 to 63 Hit Points of viewfinder after module repair changed from 30 to 31 Turret — Pz. View Range changed from to Hit Points changed from to 84 Hit Points of turret mechanism changed from 80 to 76 Hit Points of turret mechanism after module repair changed from 40 to 38 Hit Points of viewfinder changed from 60 to 63 Hit Points of viewfinder after module repair changed from 30 to 31 Suspension — Pz.

Hit Points changed from 70 to 73 Hit Points after module repair changed from 55 to 36 Suspension — Pz. Turret Reload Time changed from 2.

M5 Stuart and M24 Chaffee

View Profile View Posts 15 Feb, 3: And the only tank that really troubles me is the T , and even then only when I’m forced into a direct 1on1 which you can actually still win with some luck. I think what’s most important about these tanks is that you have to learn to play them completely differently from other tanks out there.

If you go the standard route of sitting there, trading shots with other tanks frontally maybe even at long range , then you’re bound to fail, because that’s not how those tanks work. Instead, you have to learn to be that crazy opportunistic harrasser type of tank driver: Keep moving around the map at crazy speeds, look for positions in the enemy flank where you can pop up unexpectedly, put some shells down range, and then run away for another position when being targeted.

A further modification of the M3 Stuart, the M5 entered production in April By June a total of 8, vehicles in two variants had been produced. The tank was used in all theaters of war.

Ding on Tue Mar 26, 8: Hull seats a driver and a radioman, and the turret is crewed by a gunner, loader and tank commander. Do note that M5 is a light tank, so the crew will lose more experience when trained to the M7 that is a medium tank, so think wisely about their career. Its acceleration is also quite good. You have enough speed and mobility to drive in a zig zagging manner.

Armor and HP Although most of the time the M5’s armour seems neglible, when you are top tier in a match don’t be afraid to use your slightly sloped front armour to bully smaller enemies and rush them in a zig zag pattern. Close up armour is less important as you can safely circle most enemies. Otherwise, staying hidden is your best bet, for reasons discussed later.

The armor scheme is Hull: Note that the second turret is open topped, meaning higher damage from HE shells and Artillery. The increase in viewrange is worth it however. Base HP is , the second turret ups this to This amount just allows you to take a hit or two from equal tiered enemies when closing in, but is not really enough when facing high tier enemies who can sometimes oneshot you.

M5 Stuart tank review World of Tanks. tier 4

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